Bordeaux Rosé

Rosé 2019



Grape Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon 100%


Clay over Limestone


Certified Agriculture Biologique and EU Organic


  • Alfred Pantarotto – Vigneron for 35 years
  • Cécile Houdayer – Junior Oenologist
  • Caroline Fleur – Consulting Oenologist


February 2020


The beginning of the year was mild, leading to an early budbreak. But vine growth then slowed in spring, due to cold and wet weather. It led to heterogeneous flowering and growth in some parcels. Dry and very hot weather set in during June. Despite the high temperatures, the water stored in the soil in spring allowed the vines to keep growing in good conditions. The onset of ripening was finally homogeneous and fast before an optimum maturation. Cabernet Sauvignon reached a good state of ripening. The first harvest from this lot produced a fresh juice with a crisp acidity.


A delicate pink Rosé made from direct pneumatic pressing. Cold stabilization (5°C) for 3-4 days after settling. Fermented 10-15 days from 16 to 18°C. Aged 3 months in stainless steel tank before bottling. A moderate use of sulfites, thanks to inert gas (nitrogen) that is produced at the Château.

Tasting Notes

With both fermenting notes of candy, and fruity-floral aromas (fresh raspberry, cherry, violet) this Rosé wine combines delicacy, and freshness thanks to a nice acidity on the palate.