Bordeaux Supérieur

Primus 2017



Grape Variety

Merlots 100% from the oldest vines of the clay-over-limestone plateau


Clay over limestone


Certified Agriculture Biologique and EU organic


  • Alfred Pantarotto – Vigneron for 35 years
  • Cécile Houdayer – Junior Oenologist
  • Caroline Fleur – Consulting Oenologist


July 2020


Warm temperatures during spring led to quick growth until frost occurred at the end of April. Crop losses were limited at our elevation (100m). Yields are naturally controlled due to the old age of the vines. Before harvest, grapes have a remarkable phenolic potential, and are full of flavors.


Our oldest and highest quality Merlots were hand harvested at the end of September 2017. The crop was carefully hand sorted in the vineyard, then processed in the winery through a meticulous densimetric sorting. Only the whole, round, undamaged and ripe berries were gently conveyed into the vat, avoiding all crushing risks. A long maceration in cold settings (< 6°C) extracted the powerful fruit flavors. The alcoholic fermentation was managed at increasing levels of temperature, from 15 to 26°C. A meticulously designed and executed pumpover regimen permitted an optimum phenolic extraction. The post-fermentation maceration at 30°C gives a round and velvety palate, before malolactic fermentation. Aged 2-1/2 years in new French oak barrels, which is a technical challenge due to the low sulphite levels that are permitted in organic wines.

Tasting Notes

Deep in color, an intense ruby wine, still youthful on the eye. Primus is rich and complex on the nose with berry fruits and jammy fruits (blackcurrant, blackberry, wild strawberry), notes of chocolate and praline, with truffled nuances coming through, that will increase with aging. The oak is remarkably well balanced, with a smooth perception of vanilla and smoky notes. On the palate, a rich volume with a superb structure is immediately perceived, accompanied by a broad spectrum of powerful scents with a wonderful ripeness. What distinguishes Primus even more is its magnificently long lasting finish. Mature enough to enjoy now, but still a long way off its best.